Transport in Vietnamese vocabulary is the basic vocabulary, which you will learn when you start learning Vietnamese. To answer the question “What are the types of transport in Vietnam?”, let’s explore today’s article with Jellyfish!

1. Means of transport in Vietnam

With the characteristics of Vietnamese streets with different needs of each person, there are many types of transport in Vietnam that are used for each purpose.

1.1. Road transport in Vietnamese

In Vietnam, the most preferred means of transport by the people are road vehicles. Let’s see how these vehicles are called in Vietnamese:

Xe máyMotorbike
Xe đạpBicycle/ Bike
Ô tôCar
Xe tải nhỏVan
Xe tảiTruck/ Lorry
Xe điệnTram
Xe cứu hỏaFire engine
Xe cấp cứuAmbulance
Máy kéoTractor
Xe cần cẩuCrane

road transport in Vietnamese

1.2. Public transport in Vietnamese

To reduce the problem of congestion during rush hour, save time as well as protect the environment, public transport is considered the best choice in Vietnam. Referring to some public transport in the table below with Jellyfish:

Tàu điện ngầmSubway/ Underground
Xe buýtBus
Xe taxiTaxi
Tàu hỏaRailway train
Xe kháchCoach
Tàu cao tốcHigh-speed train

1.3. Waterway transport in Vietnamese

Discovering a charming country like Vietnam by waterway is a wonderful experience for any visitor. Waterway transport in Vietnam has the following types of means of transport:

Tàu chở hàngCargo ship
Tàu du lịchCruise
Tàu thủyShip
Thuyền buồmSailboat
Thuyền có mái chèoRowing boat
Tàu siêu tốcSpeed boat

waterway transport

1.4. Air transport in Vietnamese

Air transport is one of the main types of means that people prioritize for long trips. In addition, when traveling to the islands, air transport is also commonly used. Let’s see the Vietnamese vocabulary for aviation in the table below:

Máy bayAirplane/ Plane
Trực thăngHelicopter
Khinh khí cầuHot-air balloon
Tàu lượnGlider
Máy bay động cơ cánh quạtPropeller plane

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2. Types of roads/ lanes in Vietnam

For tourists coming to Vietnam when they want to use their own means of transportation such as motorbikes, bicycles, cars, it is extremely necessary to know the types of roads / lanes in Vietnam. Let’s find out with Jellyfish through the table below:

Ngã baFork
Đường có thu phíToll road
Xa lộMotorway
Đường vành đaiRingroad
Vạch để qua đườngPedestrian crossing
Điểm có thể rẽTurning
Ngã ba đườngT-junction
Đường cao tốcHighway
Làn đường dành cho xe máyMotorcycle lane
Làn đường dành cho ô tôCar lane
Đường dành cho xe lửaRailroad track
Đường giao nhauCrossroad

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3. Types of traffic signs in Vietnam

Traffic sign vocabulary will help you understand traffic laws in Vietnam better and avoid law violations. You can refer to the traffic signs in the table below:

Tiếng ViệtTiếng Anh
Yêu cầu giảm tốc độSlowdown
Biển cấm vòngNo U-turn
Đoạn đường được ưu tiênYour priority
Chỗ để xe dành cho người khuyết tậtHandicap parking
Biển cấm vượtNo overtaking
Biển cấm còiNo horn
Biển cấm đỗ xeNo parking
Đoạn đường bị giới hạn tốc độSpeed limit
Đường rẽ phảiRoad goes right
Đường hẹpRoad narrows

Thus, the topic of transport in Vietnamese has been summed up by Jellyfish in the article above. Memorizing the names of means of transport will help foreign tourists a lot in the process of living or experiencing and exploring in Vietnam. Learning Vietnamese from familiar topics will help you remember and easily apply them to everyday conversations!

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