In daily communication with each other, Vietnamese people often use funny Vietnamese phrases to make the conversation more interesting and fun. If you are still struggling to find funny sayings with many topics, do not ignore this article! Let Jellyfish help you solve that problem right now!

1. Funny Vietnamese phrases about love

Love has always been an endless topic for funny, “salty” sayings of Vietnamese netizens. Check out some funny phrases about love with Jellyfish:

1.1. Yêu là phải nói, cũng như đói là phải ăn

If you love someone but are afraid to tell them, this is exactly what your friends will say to cheer you up. In other words, if you like someone, you must tell them, just as if you are hungry, you must eat.

1.2.Tình yêu như bát cơm thiu. Không ăn thì đói, ăn vào thì đau

People frequently say that love is painful. However, I am afraid that if there is no love, loneliness throughout this life, it will be more painful than the loss of love / breakup. This phrase is a human acknowledgement of the value of love.

1.3.  Tình yêu như bát bún riêu, bao nhiêu sợi bún bấy nhiêu sợi tình

There is an unspoken truth that you can eat all of your ‘bún riêu’ bowls at once. The bowl of ‘bún riêu’ is empty, which means the love has run its course. This implies that love will fade over time and that if they are still together, it is only because of the gratitude.

funny vietnamese phrases

2. Funny Vietnamese phrases about marriage

2.1. Tình chỉ đẹp khi còn dang dở. Lấy nhau về nham nhở lắm em ơi

This was once very popular on Vietnamese social networking sites. The Vietnamese phrase implies that couples should only fall in love and not get married. Because, when it comes to marriage, love is no longer the only condition; there are many other factors that influence the happiness of a marriage.

2.2.Nếu tình yêu là ánh sáng thì hôn nhân là hóa đơn tiền điện

Love and marriage are completely opposite extremes. This funny phrase implies that falling in love is wonderful, but once married, all that remains are the bills that must be paid month after month.

2.3. Tiền không tự sinh ra cũng không tự mất đi mà chỉ chuyển từ tay chồng sang tay vợ

A phrase that expresses a totally true truth about husbands’ status after marriage. His money becomes his wife’s money after marriage, and his salary becomes his wife’s salary. What a bad situation!

3. Funny Vietnamese phrases about women

3.1. Con gái sáng nắng, chiều mưa, trưa bão táp

A scientist once stated that women are the most emotional creatures on the planet. They are sad, happy, hot, angry, thinking… that no one can guess, and even they do not understand why they are that way. This statement appears to express men’s feelings about women’s confusion.

funny vietnamese phrases

3.2. Đàn bà là những niềm đau

This is a witty phrase that men frequently use when mentioning women. Women frequently complain to men about their bad habits because men have too many of them. That is why women are compared to “pain”.

4. Funny Vietnamese phrases about life

Cuộc đời vốn bất công, nên cọng lông không bao giờ thẳng

The saying depicts injustice in today’s society. Regardless of the field or environment, 100% fairness is as unlikely as a hair being straight. When Vietnamese people want to complain about something, they frequently use this funny phrase.

Above, Jellyfish has compiled the funniest Vietnamese phrases, which Vietnamese people often use when talking to each other. I believe that, in your Vietnamese learning process, these funny phrases will help you speak more like a native. Which funny Vietnamese phrases impressed you the most? If you know any other sayings, please share with Jellyfish now!

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