With a country as open to multiculturalism as Vietnam, visitors will be surprised to see their country’s name so prominently displayed here. Therefore, learning the names of countries around the world in Vietnamese is essential. In today’s article, we’ll look at country names with Jellyfish.

1.Names of continents in Vietnamese

Vietnamese English
Châu Á Asia
Châu Nam Mỹ South America
Châu Bắc Mỹ North America
Châu Đại Dương/ Châu Úc Australia
Châu Phi Africa
Châu Âu Europe
Châu Nam Cực Antarctica 

2. Names of North American countries in Vietnamese

North America includes 3 large countries and one territory as follows:

Vietnamese English
Canada Canada
Hoa Kỳ/ Mỹ America/ United States
Mê-xi-cô Mexico
Đảo Greenland Greenland

3. Names of South American countries in Vietnamese

Note: Some of these countries do not have direct translations. Vietnamese people use English spelling with Vietnamese vowels and consonants.

Names of South American countries in Vietnamese, you can refer to the following table:

Vietnamese English
Ác-hen-ti-na Argentina
Bô-li-vi-a Bolivia
Bra-xin Brazil
Chi-lê Chile
Cô-lôm-bi-a Colombia
Ê-cu-a-đo Ecuador
Pa-ra-goay Paraguay
U-ru-goay Uruguay
Vê-nê-du-ê-la Venezuela
Guy-a-na Guyana

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4. Names of African countries in Vietnamese

The table below includes the names of African countries in Vietnamese that you can refer to. In it, there are many names that are borrowed and are said simply with an accent.

Vietnamese English
Ai Cập Egypt
Ê-ti-ô-pi Ethiopia
Kê-ni-a Kenya
Ma-đa-gát-xca Madagascar
Ma-rốc Morocco
Mô-dăm-bích Mozambique
Ni-giê-ri-a Nigeria
Xô-ma-li-a Somalia
Nam Phi South Africa
U-gan-đa Uganda

5. Names of European countries in Vietnamese

Jellyfish has compiled the names of some typical European countries in Vietnamese in the table below, you can refer to:

Vietnamese English
Áo Austria
Bỉ Belgium
Cộng hòa Séc Czech Republic
Anh England
Phần Lan Finland
Pháp France
Đức Germany
Hy Lạp Greece
Ý Italy
Hà Lan Netherlands
Na Uy Norway
Ba Lan Poland
Bồ Đào Nha Portugal
Nga Russia
Tây Ban Nha Spain
Thụy Điển Sweden
Thụy Sĩ Switzerland
U-crai-na Ukraine

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6. Names of Asian countries in Vietnamese

It was interesting to discover how countries call their neighbors. Let’s explore with Jellyfish in the table below:

Vietnamese English
Áp-ga-ni-xtan Afghanistan
Cam-pu-chia Cambodia
Trung Quốc China
In-đô-nê-xi-a Indonesia
Ấn Độ India
I-ran Iran
I-rắc Iraq
I-xra-en Israel
Nhật Bản Japan
Lào Laos
Ma-lai-xi-a Malaysia
Mi-an-ma Myanmar
Nê-pan Nepal
Phi-líp-pin Philippines
Qua-ta Qatar
Ả Rập Saudi Saudi Arabia
Xin-ga-po Singapore
Đài Loan Taiwan
Thái Lan Thailand
Hàn Quốc South Korea
Triều Tiên North Korea

Thus, in this article, Jellyfish Education has brought to you the topic of the names of countries in the world in Vietnamese in the most specific and understandable way. Currently, learning Vietnamese is also gradually becoming popular as more and more foreigners choose to live and work in Vietnam. Regularly practice Vietnamese on each topic so that you can easily apply it to your daily conversations!

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