Studying Vietnamese in Vietnam gradually becomes more common and common nowadays. Learning Vietnamese is an essential need to support foreigners while studying or working in Vietnam. With the experience of teaching Vietnamese for many years, Jellyfish Vietnam is proud to be home to many Vietnamese teachers with teaching experience, helping foreigners to learn Vietnamese language methodically and professionally.

As a developing country, Vietnam attracts many investors around the world. Vietnam is an ideal destination for businesses that want to develop markets in Southeast Asia, so the demand for Vietnamese language learning has also increased. Also, Vietnam has a diverse culture, in order to have deeper access, foreign friends coming to Vietnam to settle and work, all have the need to learn Vietnamese to communicate and have a better understanding of Vietnamese national identity.

Seizing that demand, Jellyfish Education invests in teaching Vietnamese language courses for foreigners and tourists who want to explore a diverse language like Vietnamese. At Jellyfish, all Vietnamese teachers have many years of experience, are well trained and taught at National Universities, have time to study, and work directly abroad.

I. What is special about  Vietnamese teacher at Jellyfish?

Jellyfish’s Vietnamese teachers are 100% native Vietnamese speakers. They have many years of experience in teaching Vietnamese for foreigners. Jellyfish Vietnamese teachers can use many languages fluently, especially English and Japanese. 

1. Have a creative method of teaching Vietnamese, you will be instructed to learn in a way that is easy to understand and apply in practice.

2. With creative thinking, the body language from teachers and good facilities will help you acquire knowledge quickly

3. Indigenous teachers who are knowledgeable in Vietnamese and Vietnamese culture, will not only teach you the language but also share the culture of the S-shaped country with you.

4. In each class, teachers have time to play and create laughter so that students do not have to pressure on learning a new language.

5. Each lesson and lesson plan of each teacher will be extremely intensive and creative, stimulating the need to learn Vietnamese in each student.

Jellyfish teachers are young, enthusiastic, creative teachers who are experienced in teaching foreign students to study and work at home and abroad.

II. Coming to Jellyfish, students will learn with a team of Vietnamese teachers:

All Vietnamese teachers are young, enthusiastic, creative teachers who are experienced in teaching foreign students. Let’s get to know Jellyfish’s teachers:

– Hoang Ha Phuong: Bachelor of project management – Edith Cowan University – Australia – teaching experience: 3 years

– Phan Ngoc Trang: Master of Marketing – MDIS Development Management Institute – Singapore – teaching experience: 3 years

– Nguyen Thanh Huyen: Bachelor of English major – Hanoi University – teaching experience: 2 years

– Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai: Bachelor of Business English – University of Commerce – Teaching experience: 2 years

Chau Thi Minh Thu: Bachelor of Business Administration – University of Gloucestershire – UK – Teaching experience: 4 years

– Ha Thi Chinh: Bachelor of Physics Pedagogy – Teaching experience: 5 years

– Phan Thuy Linh: Bachelor of Japanese Language – Foreign Language University – National University – Teaching experience: 2 years

With a professional team of Vietnamese teachers, Jellyfish Vietanmese is proud to introduce to international friends who want to learn Vietnamese with a commitment of efficiency, to help you achieve the best results in your Vietnamese learning.

Jellyfish’s course:

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