Vietnam is developing with the integration trend of the market economy. Especially, Japanese companies and enterprises have been promoting investment in Vietnam. Besides, more and more Japanese are coming to Vietnam to live and work. Therefore, the demand for finding tutors and Vietnamese centers of Japanese people for convenient communication also increases.

As one of the leading units in the field of education and training, Jellyfish Vietnam is considered as one of the extremely prestigious and branded Vietnamese centers in the Japanese community in Vietnam. We build a team of professionally trained teachers with the pride of teaching the Vietnamese language to learners. Apart from the purpose of teaching and training Vietnamese, Jellyfish also want to show the nation’s pride and desire to unite Vietnamese-Japanese culture.


All Jellyfish teachers have to go through a rigorous selection and qualification process. However, all must meet these general requirements:

1/ Having pedagogical experience, years of experience in the field of Vietnamese language teaching for Japanese people

2/ Be proficient in Japanese, understand Japanese culture and people, and have appropriate teaching methods and behavior to students.

3/ Be enthusiastic, dynamic, and having modern and transparent teaching methods.


Teaching Vietnamese for Japanese people in Jellyfish’s training expertise includes the following options: small group classes; 1-1 individual classes; teaching at companies, enterprises having Japanese staffs, online classes. Students can choose intensive or elementary classes according to their needs and time frame.


With experience gained over many years, Jellyfish realizes that each individual and company has their own goals when learning Vietnamese. Therefore, we always thoroughly explore the specific characteristics of the job or the business sector of each individual, each business to design an effective and appropriate training program with high applicability in the work.

The Vietnamese language teaching program for Japanese people is planned with a clear studying path which helps students to grasp the Vietnamese language as soon as possible.

1/ Vietnamese Teacher for foreigners will teach from basic to advanced topics. At the elementary level, teachers will teach the Vietnamese alphabet and words. After that, teachers will instruct how to make the sentences, how to pronounce along with some grammar and conversation samples for the students to meet their basic communication needs such as introducing about age, occupation, accommodation, …; introduce common questions about shopping, asking for directions, … and train the most basic skills for students when using Vietnamese.

Next, there are advanced lectures that help students identify and understand longer information, texts, speeches, etc. in specialized fields.

2/ Teachers will always focus on the students’ pronunciation ability, comprehensive listening practice, and encourage students to confidently communicate to improve their pronunciation and increase language awareness.

3/ To provide the best quality of learning, Jellyfish has designed the program to help students develop comprehensively listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. At the end of each session, the teacher will summarize the main knowledge to help learners grasp the core content, which will help them gain a deeper insight, remember, and apply it in the next lesson.

With the motto “True people – True value”, Jellyfish Vietnam always strives to improve the quality of the Vietnamese curriculum for teaching Japanese people to bring the best satisfaction to our customers. The success of our customers is the motivation for us to continue to try and constantly improve.

Some Courses at Jellyfish:

If you want to be able to use Vietnamese to communicate better and work more effectively or you simply love the Vietnamese language, culture, and people here, please contact us immediately, Jellyfish Vietnam will help you reach those desires more easily in the shortest possible time.

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