Today, Vietnam is a developing country with great potential in economic and tourism, so more and more foreigners choose Vietnam as a place to live and work. However, foreigners often encounter many problems while living in Vietnam due to the language barrier so should they study Vietnamese?

Because many Vietnamese have poor foreign language skills, foreigners find it difficult to communicate with Vietnamese people even in English in everyday situations such as buying goods, asking for help…

In addition, when they do not know any Vietnamese, foreigners in Vietnam are easily overpriced when buying goods, although they have lived in Vietnam for a long time.



Learning Vietnamese makes life easier for foreigners in Vietnam.

They have the opportunity to access local services more easily such as traveling in remote rural areas, using services of life such as motorbike taxi, house cleaning…, getting acquainted with more Vietnamese people and can easily learn about the culture and traditions of Viet Nam. Knowing Vietnamese makes them feel familiar like Vietnam is their second home, making them feel more comfortable when living here.

Learning Vietnamese creates many job opportunities for foreigners in Vietnam

Many foreigners come to Vietnam to live not only because of their love about this country but also for work reasons. Therefore, learning Vietnamese will help them create more relationships with colleagues or know many partners in Vietnam without using interpreters, which saves a lot of money.

In addition, many foreigners come to Vietnam to teach foreign languages. If they know Vietnamese, they will have the opportunity to teach at schools or centers in Vietnam with higher salaries, get better income and make the teaching process more favorable.

Therefore, learning Vietnamese brings many benefits to foreigners in both daily life and at work.


When they are short-term tourists or just want to live in Vietnam for a short period of time. At that time, learning Vietnamese became wasteful and unnecessary.

Depending on the goals of each person, foreigners should consider whether or not to study Vietnamese. However, if you have a special love for this language, then sign up for a Vietnamese course right away. Even without using it at work, it helps foreigners to know another language and expand their minds.

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