What is “Dog” in Vietnamese? What is “Cat” in Vietnamese? How to say the names of animals in Vietnamese? If you still have many questions, let’s discover 40+ Animal Vocabulary with Jellyfish in the article below!

Note: In Vietnamese, normally before the names of animals, the word “con” will be added before their names so that sentences are not truncated. 

Example: “Chó” in English is dog, “con chó” in English is also dog.

1. Pets in the house in Vietnamese – Animals in Vietnamese

Pets such as dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, … are the animals closest to us and are often mentioned as a “friend” in every Vietnamese family. Here is how to say and write the names of pets in Vietnamese, please refer to it:

Con chóDog
Con mèoCat
Con gàChicken
Con vịtDuck
Con lợnPig
Con dêGoat
Con bòCow
Con trâuBuffalo
Con ngỗngGoose
Con thỏRab
Con rùaTurtle

dog in vietnamese


  • Tôi rất thích con chó nhà hàng xóm vì nó rất khôn (I really like my neighbor’s dog because he is very smart).
  • Con trâu được coi là biểu tượng cho nền nông nghiệp Việt Nam (The buffalo is considered a symbol of Vietnamese agriculture).

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2. Terrestrial animals in Vietnamese

Below is a summary of the Vietnamese names of some frequently occurring terrestrial animals. Please refer to the following table:

Con hổTiger
Con sư tửLion
Con kiếnAnt
Con khỉMonkey
Con gấuBear
Con voiElephant
Con ngựa vằnZebra
Con sócSquirrel
Con cáoFox
Con hươu cao cổGiraffe
Con nhímPorcupine
Con hà mãHippopotamus
Con tê giácRhinoceros
Con naiDeer
Con dơiBat
Con chó sóiWolf
Con lạc đàCamel
Con ongBee
Con rắnSnake
Con gấu trúcPanda
how to say monkey in Vietnamese
How to say monkey in Vietnamese

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3. Aquatic animals in Vietnamese

“Fish” in Vietnamese, “Shark” in Vietnamese, do you know it yet? Let’s test your Vietnamese level with Jellyfish’s reference table below!

Cá heoDolphin
Cá mậpShark
Cá voiWhale
Con lươnEel
Chim cánh cụtPenguin
Bạch tuộcOctopus
Con sứaJellyfish
Sao biểnStarfish
Con tômPrawn
Tôm hùmLobster
Con mựcSquid
Con hàuOyster
Cá sấuCrocodile
Cá hồiSalmon
Cá kiếmSwordfish
Con ngao/ Con nghêuClam
Hải cẩuSeal
San hôCoral
Cá ngựaSeahorse

4. Some idioms and phrases about animals in Vietnamese

Animal idioms and phrases are frequently used in both spoken and Vietnamese writing, making sentences/ dialogues more interesting. Let’s consult Jellyfish and guess the meaning of the idioms below!

Giọng như vịt đực (Sound like a duck)
Giọng như vịt đực (Sound like a duck)
  • Ăn như mèo mửa (Eat like a cat): This phrase is often used to refer to someone who eats very little.
  • Ăn như hổ vồ (Eat like a tiger): This idiom is used by Vietnamese people to say when someone eats a lot more than the average person can eat.
  • Nhát như thỏ đế (Being afraid like a rabbit): This phrase is often used to describe someone’s shyness.
  • Chậm như rùa (Slow like a turtle): Used to describe a slowness
  • Ngang như cua (Cross like a crab): Describes the stubbornness and disobedience of someone.
  • Câm như hến (Mute like a clam): Used to describe someone who says very little, almost nothing
  • Giọng như vịt đực (Sound like a duck): Describes someone’s voice hoarse, not clear, usually the voice of a baby boy reaching puberty

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With the knowledge given in today’s Jellyfish article, we believe that you can easily memorize animals in Vietnamese. In the process of learning Vietnamese, practice often with short conversations to be able to remember longer!

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