There’s no denying that the alphabet is the first thing you have to learn when exposed to a completely new language. Learning the alphabet helps form the foundation of language and communication, giving us the advantage of knowing how letters and words are pronounced and spelled in that language.

Understanding the importance of the alphabet, Jellyfish Vietnam has summarized them in the most detail in the guide below. Let’s learn with Jellyfish now!

1. The structure of the Vietnamese alphabet

Currently, the Vietnamese alphabet has all 29 letters according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of Vietnam. Compared to the English alphabet, Vietnamese has more than 3 letters. Thanks to the similarity between these two alphabets, learning the Vietnamese alphabet becomes much easier. 

The letters of the Vietnamese alphabet are divided into two categories:

  • Chữ in thường (Normal/ Lowercase)
  • Chữ in hoa (Capital/ Uppercase)

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2. Vietnamese Alphabet 

The Vietnamese alphabet is evaluated as the necessary foundation for you to learn other knowledge as well as make it easier to communicate with native speakers.

The table below summarizes the names and pronunciations of the letters in the Vietnamese alphabet. Check it out right now:

Capital/ UppercaseNormal/ LowercaseCách đọcVí dụ
Aa/a/Áo (T-shirt), Xa (Far)
Ăă/á/Ăn (Eat)
Ââ/ớ/Mây (Cloud), Mn (Plum)
Bb/bờ/Bé (Child), Bà (Grandmother)
Cc/cờ/Cỏ (Grass), Cc (Glass)
Dd/dờ/Dê (Goat), Dài (Long)
Đđ/đờ/Đá (Stone), Đu đủ (Papaya)
Ee/e/Tre (Bamboo), M (Mother)
Êê/ê/Ghế (Chair), T (Bad)
Gg/gờ/Gà (Chicken), Gỗ (Wood)
Hh/hờ/Ho (Cough), Hè (Summer)
Ii/i/Tivi (Television), Đi (Go)
Kk/ca/Kẹo (Candy), Kem (Ice Cream)
Ll/lờ/Lá (Leaves), Lê (Pear)
Mm/mờ/Ma (Ghost), Mèo (Cat)
Nn/nờ/Nai (Deer), Nón (Hat)
Oo/o/Ong (Bee), Chó (Dog)
Ôô/ô/Ô (Umbrella), Cô (Aunt)
Ơơ/ơ/Nơ (Bow), t (Chili)
Pp/pờ/Đèn pin (Torch), Pa tê (Pate)
Qq/quờ/Quả (Fruit), Quà (Gift)
Rr/rờ/Rổ (Basket), Rẻ (Cheap)
Ss/sờ/ Sao (Star), Sóc (Squirrel)
Tt/tờ/Táo (Apple), Tiền (Money)
Uu/u/Cà chua (Tomato), Đôi ng (Boot)
Ưư/ư/Sư t (Lion), Quả da (Pineapple)
Vv/vờ/Con vẹt (Parrot), Vé (Ticket)
Xx/xờ/Xe đạp (Bicycle), Quả xoài (Mango)
Yy/i/Y tá (Nurse), Yêu (Love)

All of the information listed above is crucial for learning the Vietnamese alphabet. Vietnamese teachers always regard this as the most basic grammar, but it plays a crucial role. Please study hard and review frequently to make studying and living progress in Vietnam easier.

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