Flowers in Vietnam usually grow quite well thanks to the country’s tropical climate. From spring to winter, all kinds of flowers bloom all over Vietnam, creating irresistible beautiful scenes. If you are also a flower lover, do not miss the opportunity to plan your trip to Vietnam and learn some Vietnamese vocabulary about flowers here!

1. Flowers in the summer 

Summer heat and high temperatures appear to make people tired. As a result, planting ornamental flowers in the summer is extremely important and useful for regulating the air, lowering the temperature, providing psychological comfort, and improving people’s health. Please see the table below with Jellyfish for the best flowers this summer:

Hoa phượngFlamboyant
Hoa giấyBougainvillea
Hoa cẩm tú cầuHydrangea
Cúc vạn thọMarigold
Hoa hướng dươngSunflower
Hoa oải hươngLavender
Hoa senLotus
Hoa gạoRed silk cotton
Hoa hồngRose
Hoa dâm bụtHibiscus
Hoa mười giờMoss rose
Hoa bướm đêmRed Butterfly Wing
Hoa anh túcPoppy
Hoa loa kènArum lily
Hoa bằng lăngLagerstroemia

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Lotus in Vietnamese is Sen
Hoa Sen is Lotus in Vietnamese

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2. Flowers in the autumn – Flowers in Vietnamese

Autumn with the typical flower colors only for the chilly weather, the flowers that bloom only once a year truly impress. Here are some examples of typical autumn flowers in Vietnam:

Hoa sữaBlackboard tree 
Hoa súngWater lily
Hoa hồng vàngYellow rose
Hoa cúc họa miDaisy
Hoa thạch thảoHeathbell
Hoa dã quỳWild sunflower
Hoa diên vĩIris
Hoa nghệ tâyCrocus

Folowers in Autum

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3. Flowers in the winter

Many people believe that winter is the season when few beautiful flowers bloom because the cold climate and weather make plant growth difficult. However, there are some magnificent flowers that only bloom when the cold winter wind blows. So, what kinds of flowers grow in Vietnam during the winter? Let’s find out together with Jellyfish:

Hoa trạng nguyênPoinsettia
Hoa cảiRapeseed flower
Hoa tam giác mạchBuckwheat flower
Hoa xấu hổ/ Hoa trinh nữMimosa flower
Hoa địa lanSword orchid
Hoa mơWhite-dotted

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4. Flowers in the spring

With its mild and favorable climate, spring is not only a festival season, but also a season of spring trips and flowers. Flowers can be found all over the beloved S-shaped strip of land. The flowers in the “spring color” race are as follows:

Hoa đàoPeach blossom
Hoa maiApricot blossom
Hoa mậnPlum flower
Hoa mẫu đơnPeony
Hoa tầm xuânEglantine
Hoa lay ơnGladiolus
Hoa lanOrchid
Hoa cẩm chướngCarnation
Hoa đồng tiềnGerbera
Hoa hải đườngBegonia flowers
Hoa thủy tiênDaffodil
Hoa violetViolet 
Hoa mào gàCockscomb
Hoa bồ công anhDandelion
Hoa cát tườngAuspicious flowers

flowers in winter - Flowers in Vietnamese

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Above are the names of popular Vietnamese flowers that foreign tourists may be able to find or purchase anywhere along this S-shaped strip of land. Learning Vietnamese vocabulary by topic is extremely beneficial in your Vietnamese learning process, and flowers are no exception. Friends, practice every day to improve your Vietnamese ability!

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