“We – the young Viet, desire to contribute our parts to promote Vietnamese language and our rich Vietnamese culture to our international friends.

That’s the reason motivated us build and develop this project together.

Having significant time lived, studied and worked overseas, we thoroughly empathize the difficulties caused by language barriers. On the other hand, we also see the advantages existed when this barrier is demolished. Therefore, we have set up a program focusing on practical skills with the purpose to quickly get our students to integrate into life and increase their work productivities by having good practice of Vietnamese language.

Vietnamese language is hard, we admit. To conquer this language, not only the determination from students is required but also the positive energy from teachers is needed in order to ensure the lessons are always interesting and motivating, which helps to ease the learning and memorizing process. We have endless inspiration to remain this positive vibe. It is our love for this country which boiling in each and everyone of us.

Because love is the beginning source of all values, we hope that, more than just learning a new language, we can possibly spread the love of Vietnam to you and that you will be getting your targets in life, right here, in this S-shaped country”.